Hey! Great work man! Can you please give a detailed account regarding the lens you have been using for a while? Your photos are incredible. Anyway, keep up the good work Fredrick! Your works have been truly inspiring. http://www.windows8helptech.com
13.Nikita Bethea(non-registered)
nice work fred....may need you to hook me up with some of that good work on some photos for my mixtape....yea...ya boy got skills on the mic!!! HMU
12.Jarvis Creative Studios(non-registered)
Keep living the dream Fredrick! Your post processing is really good. That's something I've really been trying to work more on! Really enjoyed the site. Especially the Gamecocks. STAND UP! Have a great day! www.facebook.com/jarviscreativestudios - jarviscreativestudios.blogspot.com

- Jarvis Creative
9.Grandma Austin(non-registered)
Enjoyed looking at your pictures at 'The Palmettos' - Love ALWAYS, Grandma Austin!
8.Jamey Shull(non-registered)
Dude the snowy main street pic is sick!! keep it up bud.
7.T. McNamara - CEO/Livin the Dream Productions(non-registered)
Mr. Benz with the Lens!!...Great work brotha, the site is officialllllll!!...FrederickAustin.com is the best thing since Google!...Where is the "shop" section where I can buy your collection for the apartment??...Lets get it!!...Proud of ya Shaquille Bro"Neal!
6.LT Pownall(non-registered)
Those are some good pics of that couple there...bud.
5.Steph Austin(non-registered)
Love it :)
4.Kate S.(non-registered)
What a treat to see your work! You need to sell these, if you don't already! AMAZING WORK! AMAZING EYE! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!
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